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Mexican Mole de Olla Dish

I've been wanting to whip up a rare an unusual Mexican mole dish for a while now, and I found my vice in Mexican mole de olla! This is not your typical mole recipe, but it sure is delicious: it fused the rare and unusual ingredients of epazote together with xoconostles and a beef stew, and it is a treat for the taste buds:


Try out the authentic Mexican recipe for this mole dish above, let me know how it turns out, and good luck!
Provecho! -Carlos Lima

Gorditas Recipe!


Finally, I found a good gorditas recipe to share with you! It's live on the authentic Mexican recipes blog. Go check it out, let me know what you think, and enjoy!

Mexican Tamales Recipe for Sweet Tamales!

I've been wanting to share a Mexican tamales recipe for a very long time now, but only recently did I acquire the necessary gear (namely a tamale steamer). Well I finally got around to testing out one of my friend's great abuelita's recipe for tamales de dulce, and holy crap: it is good! You can find the recipe at that link above, but check them out:


I'm not usually this excited when I share these authentic Mexican recipes, but sweet tamales hold a special place in my heart and it's exciting to finally be able to share this tamale recipe with you. So try it out, I hope you enjoy it, and check back again soon for more traditional Mexican recipes like this! -Carlos

Albondigas Recipe for the Mexican Meatball lovers!

Here's a super tasty albondigas recipe from the heart of La Ciudad de Mexico itself. My chilanga friend tells me her grandmother made these Mexican meatballs for her when she was a kid. I tried them out and these are unreal! Check these bad boys out:


Test it out, let me know what you think, and make sure you share the albondigas with your friends! Provecho, my Mexican food loving friend 🙂 -Carlos

Picadillo Recipe Mexican style

I've been eyeballing this picadillo recipe Mexican style for a while now, and I've finally got around to testing it out, enjoying the heck out of it, and sharing on the authentic Mexican recipes blog, there. Picadillo recipes from Mexico are extremely versatile: you can serve this Mexican dish as a main course, a side dish, an appetizer, or as filling for a chile relleno, a quesadilla, and many more Mexican foods:


Try this picadillo recipe out, let me know what you think, and I will back again very soon with more authentic Mexican recipes like this one for you to try out in your kitchen at home! -Carlos Lima

Vegetarian Mexican Recipes

I've added a vegetarian Mexican recipes section to the site, so you can still find some delicious dishes from authentic Mexican cuisine to make at home if you don't eat meat. This first recipe is for delicious authentic Mexican red enchiladas that use spinach and cheese in place of the traditional meat these recipes normally use.

I know it's an unusual combination: vegetarianism and Mexican food, but the mixture does exist inside the Chilango nation, and I've been inundated with so many requests for these Mexican-vegetarian recipes over this past month that I simply can't ignore the demand any more! So I'm looking forward to bringing some vegetarian recipes to the authentic Mexican recipes blog and sharing them with you all. 🙂

I've been traveling around lately and haven't had much time to post new authentic Mexican recipes on the site, but that's changing as I've settled in to a new home for the next two months and I'm going to bringing you new recipes from the heart of this delicious Mexican cuisine much more frequently!

Speak soon!
-Carlos Lima

Grilled Fish Tacos from Authentic Mexican Cuisine

I've been away for most of these past week, but I can't help but post this delicious authentic Mexican recipe for grilled fish tacos. These suckers are freaking delicious and I think that if you like both Mexican food and fish, you're going to absolutely love this dish. Here's a preview of the dish:

Try it out, drop me some feedback and let me know if you'd like more Mexican food recipes like this one, and I'll chat at you again very soon!
-Carlos Lima