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Patience Is A Virtue With Authentic Mexican Recipes

Usually when you think of cooking food, your instinct tells you the spoils of your efforts will taste best if you eat them right away after cooking while they're still fresh.  But, as many chefs know, with some ingredients in particular, and many of the ones comprising authentic Mexican recipes, it's best to let your cooked goodies sit for a while so their ingredients can marinate further and draw out flavor into each other.  As a Mexican cook, I see this theme quite a lot, actually, and was reminded of this when I read a random sentence from a new Mexican food site I was browsing:

The salsa will become hotter and robust if you let it set for a few hours or overnight in the refrigerator.


So the next time you're about to cook Mexican, first ask yourself if you know if the recipe will be enhanced if you let it sit for a few extra hours after cooking, and give yourself enough time to do this if that is the case!  Happy cooking, Mexican food lovers!  -Carlos Lima

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I'm a big fan of Authentic Mexican Recipes and I love cooking them. So now I share them here, online!

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