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Making one of the many authentic Mexican recipes for Mole is usually like pulling teeth, but this particular mole recipe doesn’t seem so bad…

Mole, Mexico's delicious chocolate and cinnamon delicacy sauce, is usually an absolute bitch to make: a lot of the recipes for traditional mole contain over 100 ingredients in total, which makes for a excruciatingly long preparation.  Well I recently came across a recipe by one of my favorite fellow chefs and writers, KC Kudra, where much to my relief, I finally found a simpler mole that contains just 17 ingredients.  KC doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm about the simplicity of this recipe, but I'm going to be cooking this one up on the weekend if I can find the ingredients…

"Anyone who has ever attempted to make a mole sauce probably gave it up as a bad idea. An authentic mole has around 17 ingredients, and is a long, drawn our process. That explains why it is rarely offered on restaurant menus."


Cook it with me and try it out for yourself.  The recipe is here:—Mole-Sauce-Recreated&id=6097664

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