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The End of Semana Santa (Holy Week) Tomorrow: Thank God

Domingo de Gloria (Easter Sunday) is upon us tomorrow and will mark the end of Semana Santa (Holy week), by far the biggest holiday in Mexico.

"It should come as no surprise that in Mexico, a predominantly Roman Catholic country, Easter — Pascua — is the most widely celebrated and important religious holiday of the year."

I highly recommend reading the above article if you're interested in Mexican stories.  If you're interested what Mexico is actually like, I suggest reading this post.

I was going to post an authentic Mexican recipe for holy week, but it would be a hypocritical farce–a complete joke.  The official "recipe" of Semana Santa in modern Mexico is cheap beer, chips, and more cheap beer.  

Let me be fair: for some, holy week is a time of reflection.  Some of these souls do exist.  

But for many others, this holiday a time to party, get wasted, and act like an obnoxious dipshit.  I'm not angry or bitter here: I'm just being honest.  I'm not religious, I couldn't care about what Jesus may or may not have done, but I'm a person with eyes and ears who observes what goes on around him.

Right now, I live on the coast in Mexico and I have never seen so many ill behaved people crowding the beaches and treating each other so poorly in my life.  The significance of this holiday is lost on these people.  I understand that, living on the coast, I'm living in a place where the party people are going to pour out to when the holiday gates open and it's time to take a break and go to the beach!  But there are a lot of these people everywhere, and they're polluting, thieving, and getting in fights left, right, and center, here.  It's a fu*#ing mess.

I'll have a Mexican recipe for you next time: I'm a little too exhausted to post one at the moment.  I hope you enjoy a more peaceful Easter Sunday than it seems I will. 😉

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