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making your own Flour Tortillas!

Mexican cooking diva Zarela has a great writeup on how you can make your own flour tortillas, here.  Mexican cuisine is known to be chalk full of tortillas, and it's more than just a cheap stereotype: having lived with Mexicans for the past three years, I solemnly swear to tell you the whole truth, nothing but the truth–so help me Santa Maria–when I tell you that Mexicans do eat tortillas with everything.  If there's food being served, you can almost be certain that tortillas are involved.  It's just a given.


With that out of the way, why then would you wish to make your own tortillas?  If they're everywhere, why bother?  It's simple: freshly handmade tortillas taste better than older, packed and shipped ones that you pick up at the store.  So if you're serving an authentic Mexican recipe that features tortillas in some prominent way, I recommend making (or having someone make) tortillas from scratch for the recipe.  It will taste so much better!  

You may want to experiment with flours from small mills in this country that supply amateur bread bakers. For tortillas, however, you want all-purpose flour rather than the hard-wheat flours usually sold for bread-making. I get good results with Hecker’s or Pillsbury all-purpose unbleached flour.

Zarela's full recipe for making your own flour tortillas is here

I'll speak to you again soon. -Carlos Lima


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