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Mexican Cinco de Mayo tomorrow: a day for partying

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is tomorrow and the (mostly American) party people are lining up at the liquor stores down here in Mexico.  No doubt there will be a lot of authentic Mexican recipes prepared and beer bought to celebrate this country, but Mexicans actually don’t seem to care that much about Cinco de Mayo.  Maybe it’s because there are already so many other holidays throughout the year, many of them bigger and more significant, like the Holy Week that just ended a few days.  And maybe because it’s more of an American party excuse than a Mexican celebration: check this out:

That is from 2005 obviously, but I see advertisements like this all over town, mostly in the gringo hot spots, for foreigners looking to get their fiesta-freak on! haha.  Now I’m all for a good party, but before you go to a 5 de Mayo party, at least get the facts straight: it is not Mexico’s independence day!  Cinco de Mayo in was the day in 1862 when apparently Mexico took back power of its country from the French and ended the short-lived French occupation of the country and ended the last remaining French presence in North America, at the Battle of Puebla (*read the comments section of this post for more info).  It isn’t really a big deal to people living in Mexico, but it’s celebrated abroad as a type of Mexican pride day and a good reason to drink tequila.
To that end, I will be joining my fellow foreign compatriots and I wish you all a happy Cinco de Mayo, mañana.
Carlos Lima

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  1. Oh boy, can’t you read an history book instead of repeating all the nonsenses the American repeat to each other about France ? And they believe in their crap ! USA are really unique .
    In may 1862 Mexicans expelled the French from Puebla .
    In may 1863 the French took Puebla .
    In june 1863 the French took Mexico City .
    In march 1865 the French hold all the country, and resisting Mexicans can only do guerilla tactics .
    From the beginning the French had said they would leave in 1867 if the money Mexico owed to French bankers was refunded . ( that was the reason of French expedition actually ) .

    Then the US ambassador asked the French to leave . In the same time, in Europe, Prussia defeated Austria and appeared as a major threat for France, and the army was needed at home .
    So, in 1867 the last French troops left Mexico . Not at all because of a Mexican victory . The celebration of cinquo de mayo is the only occasion I know when a country celebrates a war that has been lost . It’s like if your southern states celebrated the battle of Chickanauga which was one of their rares victories of the Civil War .
    How come you dare saying the opposite of the truth without even checking ? Don’t you know everything US people repeat about the French is wrong ?

    • Thanks for your input. It’s good to have someone comment who knows more than I do about this!

      My point is that today is really only celebrated by the party people, here in Mexico, and that it’s no big deal to most Mexicans. You could argue that it was a victory for the Mexicans: they got their country back, after all, which would be reason to celebrate! In any case, the little ‘history’ blurb I just took from Wikipedia. I don’t know what happened: I wasn’t there myself, and the history books are so loaded with bs and are written by the ‘winning’ side anyway, that I think it’s almost pointless to invest energy in reading them.

      So whether you’re French, American, Canadian (like me), or whatever, lets kick back today with some authentic Mexican food and enjoy the day! Cheers, friend.


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