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CCGM Working To Preserve Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Isabel Hood of BellaOnline fame has written an interesting and concise piece here about the work CCGM is about to undertake in order to preserve authentic Mexican cuisine as best it can in this rapidly "evolving" age of fast food consumption. Take a look at this quote:

Conservatoire of Mexican Gastronomic Culture, has set itself a challenging task. In a world overrun by fast food, convenience food, processed food, frozen food, tinned food, packaged food, irradiated food, genetically modified food, and “food” which has been bastardized and manipulated until it is no longer recognizable, CCGM’s mission statement strikes one as quite awesome: it is undertaking “the preservation, rescue, safeguarding and promotion of usages, customs, products, cultural practices and knowledge which make up the common core which defines traditional Mexican cuisine.



I personally wish CCGM the best of luck. I cannot see this being an easy task–preserving something as intangible and complex as a cuisine–especially today in this hyper-media culture of advertising and fast food promotional marketing. But Isabel seems to have faith in this organization's ability to do so, and that's saying something, so like most things we will have to wait and see. Only time will tell if they succeed…


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