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Authentic Mexican Smoked Marlin Burrito Recipe

Here's a tasty treat for those of you who like fish and real Mexican food from south of the border: smoked marlin burritos de machaca.  These babies taste incredible and are a local favorite over here in Puerto Vallarta. Check them out:

I haven't gone into a lot of depth when it comes to burritos on the authentic Mexican recipes site, but perhaps if there's some good feedback, I'll seek out a few more good recipes for authentic burritos down here. Try this one out and let me know what YOU think, and I'll see what I can do.

Speak soon, Mexican foodies 🙂
-Carlos Lima

Mexican Tostada Recipe from Nayarit!

I came across a great Mexican tostada recipe in the Riviera Nayarit for tasty summer shrimp tostadas, here:


If you've never tried them, tostadas are sort of like tacos, only instead of using a tortilla to wrap around the contents of the taco, they use a hard, flat shell that you simply pile the ingredients on top of! They make for a great little afternoon snack or a quick dinner appetizer you can whip up, or even eat them as a meal if you make enough of them.

Check the recipe out because I think you'll really like it, and I'll speak to you again very soon!
-Carlos Lima

Mexican Rice Recipe Site

It's not often that I cover Mexican rice recipes on my site. Perhaps it's because rice bores me more than perusing an Mexican art gallery run by a foreigner who's idea of Mexico is that it's a 24/7 fiesta with mariachis constantly playing in the background somewhere, with everyone dancing on the streets and partying and shaking maracas non-stop…


I see it all the time, and it bores me.  Thankfully, there's a great site here that covers a pile of different rice recipes from El Gran Tenochtitlan:  She's got a video that sort of introduces the site, here:

So if you're making Mexican food and you want a few variations of rice beyond the standard Mexican rice recipe to serve, take a look at her site. It's got some good recipes.

Speak soon,
-Carlos Lima

Authentic Mexican Recipe for Mexican Pinto Beans

Epazote. It's Mexican. It's poisonous in large amounts, delicious in small portions. And it can be damn hard to find if you don't live in Mexico or have a Latin market or Hispanic grocery store nearby. Still, with the prospect of making Mexican pinto beans with the epazote IF you can find some, you're going to want to search for it where you live!


You can find the authentic Mexican recipe for frijoles de la guolla above at that link.

I hope you enjoy this one!

All About Chiles – A Primer On An Essential Component of Authentic Mexican Recipes

Isabel of BellaOnline has outdone herself again and written a fantastic article here on the history of the chile and how it came to where we are today, with it spread (at least partially) across the planet:

The designation bestowed by Columbus, ie pepper, is still used to describe the gently flavoured, temperate members of the family, which we know today as “sweet” or “bell” peppers, but it is the Mexican name which has stuck to those which bear true heat, be it mild or blistering: “chilli”, from the Aztec Náhuatl language. “Chili” and particularly “chile” are often used – and the Mexicans themselves call it “chile”


Interesting of note to me is how chile is spelled in different places: the Yanks seem to prefer calling them "peppers", whereas the Aztecs called and spelled it "chilli", but today both chili and, particularly in Mexico, "chile" has become the norm.

However you spell it, if you like chiles, I think you'll really enjoy this read. Again, you can find it here:

Check it out!
-Carlos Lima

Authentic Mexican Chicken Enchiladas with Red Sauce

I just published this authentic chicken enchilada recipe for red sauce enchiladas from Mexico city. These are very popular with Chilangos who love their Mexican chicken recipes and I think you will too because they're damn delicious!


Try them out, try not do die from a pleasure explosion while eating them, and check back again very soon for another incredibly tasty authentic Mexican recipe!

-Carlos Lima

CCGM Working To Preserve Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Isabel Hood of BellaOnline fame has written an interesting and concise piece here about the work CCGM is about to undertake in order to preserve authentic Mexican cuisine as best it can in this rapidly "evolving" age of fast food consumption. Take a look at this quote:

Conservatoire of Mexican Gastronomic Culture, has set itself a challenging task. In a world overrun by fast food, convenience food, processed food, frozen food, tinned food, packaged food, irradiated food, genetically modified food, and “food” which has been bastardized and manipulated until it is no longer recognizable, CCGM’s mission statement strikes one as quite awesome: it is undertaking “the preservation, rescue, safeguarding and promotion of usages, customs, products, cultural practices and knowledge which make up the common core which defines traditional Mexican cuisine.



I personally wish CCGM the best of luck. I cannot see this being an easy task–preserving something as intangible and complex as a cuisine–especially today in this hyper-media culture of advertising and fast food promotional marketing. But Isabel seems to have faith in this organization's ability to do so, and that's saying something, so like most things we will have to wait and see. Only time will tell if they succeed…